API Client Libraries

Laserfiche provides officially supported libraries for popular programming languages to get you up and running fast.


The JavaScript/TypeScript library can be used for web and Node.js applications.

Client Core API: Documentation, NPM Package

Repository API: Documentation, NPM Package

Sample Projects: Node.js


The .NET Standard 2.0 library for .NET applications.

Client Core API: Documentation, NuGet Package

Repository API: Documentation, NuGet Package

Sample Projects: Console Application


The Java library for applications supporting Java 8 or higher.

Client Core API: Documentation, JAR Files

Repository API: Documentation, JAR Files

Sample Projects: Console Application

Looking to use the Laserfiche API in a different programming language? The Laserfiche API is OpenAPI compliant, so you can generate your own client library in the language of your choice. Check out the Swagger Playground for a copy of the swagger.json file.