Simple Search

The simple search API can run a search query in the repository and return the results of the search immediately in the response of the call. See the following topic to view the differences between simple search and search.

In the following simple search, we want to find entries with a specific value in the Purchase Order ID field.

"searchCommand":"{[]:[Purchase Order ID]=\"789\"}"

The response will include a listing of the entries that matched the search query. See the following sample response for the above search:

HTTP 200 Ok

Additional Information

Simple searches are limited to a maximum of 100 results. An HTTP 206 Partial Content status code indicates that the search results are truncated. A non-truncated search response will return an HTTP 200.

Simple searches will automatically time out if the search operation exceeds 15 seconds.

A single session can only have two searches running at one time. This limit does not differentiate between search and simple search.

Note: See the Laserfiche user guide for more information on the Laserfiche Search Syntax.