API Limits

The Laserfiche API imposes certain limitations in order to sustain the quality and integrity of our cloud services for all customers. In the event of extraordinary resource contention, Laserfiche may impose temporary limits in addition to those listed below in order to prevent service outages affecting all customers.

Laserfiche Cloud customers who have access to the Laserfiche API have an allocated number of API calls that the account is allowed to use for their subscription year. Please view our pricing and packaging to see how much usage is allocated for each subscription tier. You can also view your API call usage under the Plan tab of your Account Administration.

Rate Limiting

The Laserfiche API will limit the rate of calls that can be made in a 1-minute time period on a per-user basis. Different APIs may have different limits. Unless otherwise stated, APIs will fall under the General category.

  • General APIs have a limit of 100 calls per minute per user
  • Import and Export calls have a shared limit of 10 calls per minute per user

Concurrent Limitations

In addition to rate limiting, the Laserfiche API will limit the number of concurrent calls for certain operations that a user can run.

  • 1 concurrent long operations per user*
    • Long operations are defined as those APIs which involve the Task APIs. Currently, copying and deleting entries fall under this category
  • 2 concurrent open searches per user**
    • After a search operation is completed, it remains open in order to have the results of the search cached. Follow best practices of deleting search operations when the results are no longer needed
    • The Simple Search route will only count against your open search limit while the search is running. The results of a Simple Search are not cached, so will not count against the limit after the search is complete
  • At the account level, there is also a global limit imposed across all users of an organization
    • 15 concurrent long operations per organization
    • 9 concurrent open searches per organization

*Note: Service Principal users can run 10 concurrent long operations

**Note: Service Principal users can have 6 concurrent open searches

We are always looking to provide the optimal performance and experience for our customers. If you are consistently hitting these limits or these limits are a blocker for your integration’s solution, please contact your Solution Provider to reach out to our Support team and we can work to resolve the issue.